Fancy Icons Via Web Fonts in Axure 7

We are continually on the hunt for quick and easy ways to improve our workflows when it comes to developing wireframes. One of the things we spend a lot of time doing is digging through reams and reams of icons for use on buttons, nav items, etc. It can be tedious when your PNG based icons don’t scale properly or heaven forbid you need a white version when all you have is a black one and there is no time to crack open photoshop to adjust it.

Helllllooooo web font support in Axure 7. Thanks to the new-ish feature of supporting external fonts (like Google Fonts) you can now leverage the amazing Font Awesome collection directly inside Axure 7. Since Font Awesome makes a slew of icons available as proper fonts you can scale, colour, and manipulate them as you see fit. You will need to make a few adjustments to your HTML generation configuration but it’s super simple and easy to do.

I found this helpful tip over in the Axure forums so check them out for full details. As the Font Awesome library gets updated the thread members have been posting new RPLIB files with the updated icons.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the thread for the latest version of the files and instructions: