Login Lessons from Mail Chimp

If you are considered “family and friends” of MitreBox you will have received our launch newsletter at some point in the last couple of days. Through the process we’ve fallen in love with Mail Chimp. Not only do they do a great job of handling newsletters, their toolset is extremely easy to use and it makes me smile. This is a rare good thing.

They’ve just shared a great blog post on social media login buttons and their impact on user behaviour. It’s worth a read: http://blog.mailchimp.com/social-login-buttons-arent-worth-it/.

A couple of important take aways for sure:

  • Despite having the buttons in place, only 3.4% of users were utilizing them. All while the buttons added clutter and confusion to their front door.
  • Originally, the social login buttons were to be used in order to simplify the login process and cut down on user error and impediments, but in the end, improvements to their error messaging saved the day.
  • They also point out that using the buttons effectively put the keys to their front door in someone else’s hands. Not only does this mean they don’t necessarily have control of all of their user data, they also need to rely on a third party for security. Not great if that third party has an outage or breach.

They summarized things nicely in the quote below:

“Do you want to NASCAR-up your login page? Do you want to have your users’ login credentials stored in a third-party service? Do you want your brand closely associated with other brands, over which you have no control? Do you want to add additional confusion about login methods on your app? Is it worth it? Nope, it’s not to us.”

Obviously at the end of the day, it’s a decision to be made on a case by case basis, but as with anything there are pros and cons to be considered fully before jumping in to the deep end.

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