SqueezeCMM Portfolio Sample

Marketing analytics startup prepares for launch with refined UX.

Project Highlights

  • The SqueezeCMM application was built to help brands connect their social and digital content activities to real business results.
  • Having won a number of start-up awards and recognition for its initial prototype, the application required significant improvements to its interaction design prior to launch of an official beta.
  • MitreBox UXD was engaged to improve the core functionality and overall user experience of the application, ensuring that marketers could track and measure their online content activities with the simple click of a button.
  • A foundational site structure and re-usable design patterns were created allowing the product team to easily extend the application over time as they added new reports and functionality.


  • Significantly refined interfaces for the “squeezing” of links into the application, with various improvements allowing users to manage thousands of links as well as a complex setup of customizable digital channels.
  • Discovery and implementation of a refined process for envisioning, defining, and reporting on conversion paths across various digital assets in a user friendly interface that exposed conversion goals and click through rates in an extremely simplified UI.
  • A complete overhaul of the reporting framework and creation of a new user settings interface that allowed complexities to be abstracted from the primary user paths while still giving power users the ability to easily access advanced features of the application.

Services Provided

MitreBox UXD worked closely with the SqueezeCMM team to provide the following services:

Needs Assessment

Heuristics Evaluation

Information Architecture

 Wireframes & Functional Specification

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