We’re Doing a Talk at Girl Geeks Toronto

Thought we should post and share this as it’s officially been announced that Laura (our Principal and Co-Founder) will be presenting a talk at the next Girl Geeks Toronto event on Tuesday, November 19th 2013. She’s going to be sharing a little bit on our proven process and the steps necessary for any successful UX engagement.

“Our November event is all about the creation of digital offerings that are more than just functional. We’re talking digital products and services that leave us in awe and wondering how we ever lived without them. These are the solutions that get people excited, but designing them for a complex digital world is no simple feat. It’s quickly becoming apparent that the traditional top-down approach to conceptualization and design just isn’t cutting it anymore. Those in the know have realized that creating something AWESOME takes serious strategic planning and user interaction and experience at its core. This means developing digital solutions that are uniquely meaningful and tap into human emotion in an unprecedented way.

Today’s modern design thinking and creation is about a deep consideration of how people use and feel about these products and services. This thinking has infiltrated just about all industries but has particularly been felt in the digital landscape. The result? We’re seeing everything from interactive mobile devices and wearables, to online services and social networks that not only look great, but were designed with optimal usability and compelling engagement in mind.”

Tickets are going fast so sign up now. Also, don’t be shy and say hi. We love to chat 🙂