Andre Gaulin

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Andre Gaulin was but a fresh-faced University of Toronto student who was entranced by a newly emerging set of technologies we now think of as “the internet”. With a vision for future possibilities, Andre quickly found his footings at the intersection of technology and design. There was no “user experience” or “information architecture” back then, but Andre passionately found focus in users as a means for success. Fast-forward a decade and a half and Andre’s focus on users and their experience is stronger than ever.

Over the years, Andre has steadily navigated organizations of various sizes from service-based start-ups to global corporations. At each step he has had the opportunity to blend his passions for emerging technology, with a deep skillset focused on strategy, user experience, process, technical development, and the ability to execute award-winning solutions. Andre is extremely proud of the work he has done for the likes of MuchMusic, Cineplex Entertainment, NHLPA, and CTV to name a few. At the same time, Andre has enjoyed the opportunity to be a speaker at various international conferences such as SXSW, IASummit, Mesh, and Podcamp.

As with most things, MitreBox User Experience Design represents a culmination of past experiences, and when the opportunity arose to re-unite with his former colleague, Laura Baxter, Andre jumped at the chance. At MitreBox, Andre leads the firm’s technical discipline and ensures the viability of strategies and deliverables. By balancing features, technology, and a user focused design approach, Andre delivers on the promise of the modern web and mobile environments.

User Experience Design
Digital Strategy
Creative Direction