MitreBox UXD User Experience Design Process Diagram

A Collaborative Approach to User Experience

1. Consultation & Strategy

Because great solutions start by understanding your requirements and opportunities, we begin by asking questions. We work to understand your brand image, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. MitreBox UXD will review available documents and meet with stakeholders to better understand concerns about the current state of the website as well as the vision and objectives for the future of the website. Understanding your requirements and opportunities ensures we have all the essential inputs required to proceed with the best possible design.

2. Architecture & Design

The Design phase is the most creative part of the project process. During this phase we define the blueprints for world-class user experiences, ensuring the resulting communications are more than a pretty picture. From web to mobile and beyond, MitreBox UXD provides help with everything from research, usability, needs assessment and strategy to content planning, information architecture, wireframes, functional specifications and creative design.

By balancing content, user interactions and the visual aesthetic of a product, we create a digital experience that accomplishes the objectives set out in the Consultation & Strategy phase. A thorough Design phase ensures that no surprises occur in the development cycle.

3. Development & Production

It is during the Development phase that Strategy and Design come to fruition. We work with your Development team to ensure that every element, from graphics to content to functionality, come together to form the functional website with which your users will interact.

MitreBox UXD has extensive experience working hand in hand with both development and design teams. Having been designers and developers themselves, the Principals at MitreBox UXD take great pride in the team’s ability to translate business goals and strategies into actionable technical solutions that can be executed effectively. MitreBox UXD is technology agnostic and has experience working on numerous development platforms.

Our Thoughts on Mobile

In recent years, mobile and tablet based interactions have become extremely important. Unless otherwise requested, MitreBox UXD will focus on solutions that adapt seamlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Our mobile approach can take the form of Responsive Design, but may also take a multi-channel or native application approach depending on the requirements. Just like traditional technology decisions, it’s critical to choose the right tool to address mobile scenarios. By balancing the information and interaction needs of the desktop user base and those of the mobile user base, MitreBox UXD works closely with clients to find the appropriate balance in the mobile space.