Our Services.

From web to mobile and beyond, MitreBox UXD provides help with everything from research, usability, needs assessment and strategy to content planning, information architecture, wireframes, functional specifications and creative design.

Needs Assessment

Through a series of discovery workshops and stakeholder interviews, we work with you to define your project and desired outcomes from both the business and project perspective. By identifying and addressing the needs of all project stakeholders upfront, you can make confident decisions, knowing the chosen solutions are targeted at solving real project objectives.

User Research

Research is much more than gathering demographics and measuring page views. Using a combination of research methods we work to validate assumptions and uncover the real needs and expectations of your users. From online surveys and focus groups to and field research and emerging trends analysis, we gain insight into what people truly value, want and believe.

Personas & Use Cases

The key to a great user experience is to build a lasting relationship between your business and the user. We create unique personas that describe specific user groups and outline the activities they want to perform. By capturing and understanding the user’s goals and activities, we identify the touch points where they interact with your business.

Competitive Analysis

We examine the features, functionality, tools, content, usability, and design of competing products or services to identify specific strengths, opportunities, and best practices. By knowing the actions of your competitors, we provide you with a better understanding of the factors that most influence your audience.

Content Strategy

Quality content is crucial, it’s what people go online to find. By conducting an audit of your existing content, we recommend improvements, identify gaps, and define requirements for new content development. Ensuring your product contains information that is valuable to your user.

Information Architecture

Engaging user experiences go beyond navigation, design, and content structure. We understand how people acquire, store, and communicate information. We use this understanding to organize and present data in a meaningful, clear, and intuitive manner.

Wireframes & Specification

No detail is too small. By outlining a comprehensive blueprint of the final product, we align the user experience with the various departmental, business, and technical requirements of the project. We define the content, layout, features and functionality. Describing each elements interactivity and behaviour to provide a framework from which the creative and development teams can build the project.

Creative Direction & Design

Great creative design solutions go beyond visual aesthetics. By establishing a creative focus, voice, and direction, we capture the unique brand and personality of your organization and product to create innovative visual design concepts that engage and empower your users.

Usability Testing

Why guess at solutions when you can actually test your assumptions and ideas with real users? We work with volunteer participants to evaluate their ability to complete tasks and activities early and often thought the development cycle. Our goal is to collect meaningful insights into how people use your digital products and ways in which they can be improved.


Guess what… not everyone uses a standard keyboard and mouse to access the online world. Did you know that governments around the world are in the process of making accessibility the law? Luckily we have lots of experience helping organizations understand and embrace accessibility. By performing a combination of audits and training we can help extend the reach of your content.

Process Engineering

We know that a project continues beyond the deployment date. By working with your internal teams, we ensure your organizational structure, process, and resources are properly aligned to ensure the maintenance and optimize the growth of your online product.

Product & Partner Evaluation

Choose product solutions and development partners with confidence. Drawing on our expertise in project production, we conduct a thorough comparison and evaluation of available products and services. Providing you with an independent analysis and recommendation, based on your business and project requirements.