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We Provide Web Accessibility Audits, Training, & Remediation Assistance

Did you know that governments around the world are making web accessibility the law? In Ontario, the AODA is making the WCAG Level AA success criteria the law by 2021.

Why Online Accessibility Matters

Not everyone uses the web with a traditional keyboard and mouse. Many users are faced with challenges that necessitate them using web accessibility tools and assistive technology to interact online. Assistive technologies can help enable users with challenges from visual impairment all the way to cognitive and neurological disorders. Just because someone has a disability doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to everything the web has to offer.

From a business perspective, governments around the world are mandating that organizations meet the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in order to ensure an accessible web experience for citizens of all ability levels.

In places like Ontario Canada, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) makes the stricter WCAG Level AA success criteria the law by January 1, 2021. While this can sound daunting, the team at MitreBox has helped a variety of organizations move towards robust yet accessible web experiences.

What We Do

The team at MitreBox are experts at helping organization navigate web accessibility requirements and develop world class user experiences for all users with or without disabilities.

Accessibility Audits

A typical accessibility engagement starts with an in-depth audit of your existing website in order to score it against the W3C WCAG success criteria. By first-hand testing your site with assistive technologies, like screen readers and alternative input devices, we are able to identify a baseline for your overall accessibility compliance. Page by page, we provide an easy to understand report that includes a scorecard as well as clear observations and suggestions for addressing any deficiencies. We make it extremely easy to understand where you are and what you need to do to improve the accessibility of your website or extranet.

Accessibility Training

Our experience helping organizations understand and embrace accessibility is shared with your team during a series of training workshops tailored to your specific needs and potential challenges. We help demystify the often overwhelming W3C WGAG guidelines and arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to design and build accessible web experiences.

Our interactive group training workshops focus on:

  • Who Accessibility Helps
  • Principals of Web Accessibility
  • Insight into Assistive Technologies
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Success Criteria for Level A, AA, & AAA Compliance
  • Design Techniques for Accessibility
  • Development Techniques for Accessibility
  • How to Make JavaScript Accessible with ARIA
  • Accessibility for Audio and Video Content
  • Accessibility Tools and Testing Techniques

Our training is customizable and suitable for both technical and non-technical team members with an emphasis on how everyone can contribute to making your website accessible.

Ongoing Support and Consultation

Once we've established your overall accessibility baseline and trained your team, we know it can still be challenging to implement the necessary fixes to make your website fully accessible. Because of this, the team at MitreBox are more than happy to collaborate and help your team put their new skills to use. Be it working with developers and designers to enhance your codebase, or collaborating with your editorial team on creating truly descriptive and accessible content and multimedia, MitreBox ensures online accessibility becomes a robust part of your online workflow.

Web Accessibility Services

MitreBox UXD provides the following web accessibility services:

  • Accessibility Auditing
  • Accessibility Training
  • WCAG Consultation
  • AODA Consultation
  • Assistive Technology Testing
  • Remediation Consultation
  • Mobile App Accessibility

Interested in learning more about how we can help your organization embrace web accessibility?

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We've helped a wide range of organizations embrace online accessibility.

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